Never Be Normal

Never Be Normal


we were dancing on a saturday

it was a fine weekend to celebrate

we’d made it through the winter

without any place to stay

salute one finger to the boys in blue

shoulda known what they were gonna do:

shoulda seen that long arm coming down

to split normalcy in two


now i know i will never be normal


we shout FTP, ACAB

i found myself a wheezing banshee

howling obscenities towards an enemy

i couldn’t even see

and each night i’m dreaming of the first

with each rehearsal it gets worse

now i barely sleep at all

ain’t got no charm to break the curse


now i know i will never be normal


let’s drop the metaphors

the open talk of war

unsettled scores

some scars are simply real

and i’ve got 3 or 4

one on my back, two on my side

one busted lung and battered pride

and i won’t hide it for decorum’s sake

no i’m not ashamed i tried

you’ll find me dancing every saturday

until they take my life away


even though i know i will never be normal