Learning To Wait

Learning To Wait

i was a young man and impatient

i wouldn’t wait

i wanted to hold the whole world in the palm of my hand

i couldn’t wait

all i was handed, i took for granted

i wouldn’t wait

nothing ever lived up to the life that i’d planned

i couldn’t wait



i had the world in the palm of my hand

i let it slip through my fingers

nothing goes how you plan so i figure

i’ll learn to wait



now i’m older but no wiser

i still don’t wait

no i don’t take my time, and i won’t compromise

i won’t wait

all my friends and all my family

well they can wait

they seem happy and i know i can be

if i just wait




so i’m lost now, but i know somehow

if i wait

i’ve always survived, and i’ve always been found

so i’ll wait

cause i’ve known darkness and i’ve known sickness

i know i can wait

oh i’ll wait for redemption and i’ll wait for forgiveness

i’ll wait