Beaches In Winter

Beaches In Winter

it's a long road

between where i am and where i wanna be

and i don't know

if i'll ever make it

so keep your eyes closed

do you see the man that you wanna see?

if you still don't

maybe i can fake it



i am the mess in this mirror

i am this frozen landscape

i am my doubt and my fear

but someday i swear i'll escape this place



let slip our anchors

let the ocean carry us away from here

where it don't hurt

and where we're not haunted

and it's my curse

my lot is wanderlust and fear

and it's all yours

honey if you want it




i am the salt in this water

i am foundations of sand

i am the beaches in winter

but i'm doing the best that i can

i am the lighthouse in the harbor

i have no keeper or purpose

but i am the ice frozen river

there's life just beneath the surface