BFA In Technical Theatre

BFA In Technical Theatre

dear mom and dad

i hope you're glad

you paid for me to study theatre

are you impressed with how much shakespeare i can quote?

and no i still can't change a tire

but i was grateful to be required

to read every word that chekov ever wrote


so let's take a bow

all that i know how

is to lie like an actor

and fake through a disaster



we are a generation lost in space

i hope we're not a hopeless case

no matter what the papers say

we are a revolution biding time

waiting till the time is right

but i know we can ignite



there was a time

i was inclined

to myself as something special

i was pretty sure that i would make a change

but my songs of revolution

end in fade outs and confusion

turns out i never really had that much to say


so let's join the march

and don't take to heart

when they tell you it's useless

they just wish that they could do this




to all my friends

i can't pretend

that i have always been the best one

i know i have been a ghost from time to time

i won't make up some excuse

consider this my iou

i've got your backs i know that you've always had mine


and if looking back

all i ever had

are the people that surround me

i'll be grateful you all found me