Isaac Laquedem

Isaac Laquedem

it's a long day

you’re waiting for a phone call that you know will never come

you're a freeway

they're the sun

play it off cool

like everything is turning out exactly how you planned

make your own rules

don't give a damn what they say



you're waiting for an answer

to a question that you asked when you were young and fearless

you're a poet and a dancer

you're a statue you are grace

and so you wait



it's a hard game

it’s like everyone except for you has memorized the rules

and you don't play

the way they do

so you watch, wait,

and try to make yourself a puzzle piece to fit inside the hole

but you’re the wrong shape

and you know what they'll say




oh everybody knows

something that you don't

and everything is wrong

cause you still don't belong



so you try to find a place where you can simply just exist

where the sky's clear

and you'll be missed

but you're a nomad

and the ground beneath your feet’s the only comfort you will know

until you look past

the open road and hold fast




you're waiting for a sign somehow

to finally settle down

and so you wait

you're waiting for the day to come

when you won't try to run

and so you wait